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Depuis que l'idée de créer Audace FRAPPEE est née, j'ai toujours sur moi un petit carnet - que Jill rêverait d'avoir en sa possession! - dans lequel je note mes idées! En feuilletant le tout premier, je suis tombée sur un petit texte que j'ai envie de partager avec vous parce que je suis d'accord avec la Maguina de 2012!

Bonne lecture!

August 2012. 
Fashion is not about trendy items or having the last popular haircut. To me it's all about DARING!!!! 
Just a simple example: Cassie - the singer/actress/model - shaved off only one side of her head a couple of years ago! First she was criticized by everyone but since then, a lot of women have adopted that hairstyle. Then she went for a mohawk, only keeping the hair on top of her head. Now you have women walking aroud with braided mohawk, locks in a mohawk or just their own hair in a mohawk. 
I could go on and on like this with Rihanna for instance and her cameleon habits when it comes to her hair. 
Don't get me wrong! I am not saying that those two celebs invented anything, they just made choices that were miles away from the current trends and it totally worked!
My point is that if you have the most popular pieces you are called trendy. But if you dare doing something different, you could become the person to follow, a trend setter!
Think about it my dears!   

August 2014.
In order to be that trendsetter, a man or a woman that stands out, you have to carry your particularity with confidence! 
Because confidence is what will make people pay a close attention to you ;) 

C'est à la suite de ma rencontre à Londres avec l'entrepreneure, consultante et auteure anglaise Janice B. Gordon que j'ai fait ma petite mise à jour de 2014.

Thank you Janice for reminding that confidence is the key!

Alors qu'en pensez-vous?


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